Drive with Uber

What does WideShare Products offer to drivers who sign up with Uber using the available link button above?

  • To help you get started on the road here is what we offer...

  1. 1 hour FREE coaching session.
  2. Help you promote yourself by giving you certain tools to differentiate yourself from other Uber drivers.
  3. Direct you how to build your cliental for riders to request you.
  4. Use a specific type of rewards program for riders that invites them to keep coming back.
  5. Once you complete 40 trips within your first 30 days, choose a FREE $15.00 gift card to any select restaurant of choice.
  6. Email us at for us to send your free gift card. Shipping is FREE

*Requirements to Drive with Uber*

  • Must be 21 years old to drive any state
  •  Sign-up and register with Name, Birthday, Email
  • Clean background check is required which includes, no accidents while driving, no DUI or drug related charges, no history of criminal offenses, and no suspended license.
  • Must have 2006 vehicle or newer depending upon location.
  • Vehicle plates & registration must be current in the state you reside.
  • Car must qualify in an Uber vehicle inspection. Any salvage or marked taxi vehicle are not acceptable.
  • After enrollment and registration are submitted wait for a minimum of 1 week to receive an email notification to start driving. It's that simple!

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