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Hello, My name is Jeff. I am a self contractor with Uber and Lyft. I have created and managed different programs that has helped me and many other people become successful by learning the in and out secrets of how to be a successful entrepreneur. My techniques will help you maximize your income and earn you thousands of dollars a month. When you use my referral promo code with Uber: GZFJR84BUE or promo code with Lyft: jeffrey711366 you can receive a free 1 hour coaching session to learn al the tools needed to be successful in your business. When you complete your required trips within the first 30 days required with Uber, you will receive a total payout of $360.00 guaranteed. With Lyft, complete 100 trips within the first 30 days of driving and receive $350.00 guaranteed. WideShare Products will send you a $15.00 gift card absolutely FREE to any restaurant of any select restaurants of choice. Take advantage of these free promotions. See you on the road!

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